#59 Reestablishing Natural Immunity: Cilla Whatcott

Cilla Whatcott works to help people tap into their natural ability to heal on its own. She is a prominent voice in the world of homeoprophylaxis and, specifically, how this can be effective immune support and used for deep healing and transformation within homeopathic medicine. With a Ph.D. and a Board Certification in Homeopathy, she eloquently explains this beautiful science. Cilla has published articles in the likes of Pathways, Homeopathic LINKS, and Organic Lifestyle Magazine. She was the recipient of a 2016 public service award from the Weston A. Price Foundation for her work with homeoprophylaxis and has been a guest lecturer in London, France, Scotland, Ireland, Indonesia, the USA, and Canada. Cilla also organized and directed their international conferences in 2015, 2016, and 2017 about homeoprophylaxis with leading researchers worldwide.


Main Speaking Points:

– What is homeoprophylaxis?

– Difference between homeoprophylaxis and homeopathy

– How to support your immune system naturally

– What is energy medicine?

– What is individualized healing?

– How fear destroys your health


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