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Restoring Innate Health

Dr. Aaron Tressler

Restoring Innate Health in Export is set out to empower listeners with new tools, powerful lost secrets, and innovative ways to tap into their innate intelligence for restorative healing.

We have become too dependent on medicine, surgeries, and doctors to “fix” our health concerns.

We are born with an innate healing power and keep discovering that our innate intelligence is sufficient to heal, restore and maintain our health. This is all about natural ways to think, eat, move, live, and play.

Our goal is to educate and motivate listeners to a new way of thinking, trusting that our bodies have this potential to heal. It’s our job to empower with ideas, strategies and tools to regain this trust.

As we work together, support each other and learn to improve our health, we can rise up and become a healthier world.

New episodes are released every other Monday at 6:00 AM ET.

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