#43 Disturbing Truths About The Food Industry: Belinda Fettke

Belinda Fettke began researching the Vested Interests and Religious Ideology shaping our ‘Plant-biased’ dietary and health guidelines after her husband, Orthopaedic Surgeon Dr. Gary Fettke, was reported to the Medical Board by a dietitian in 2014. Unbelievably, he was subjected to a 2 1/2 year star-chamber investigation and subsequently become the only medical doctor in the world ‘silenced’ from talking about nutrition for the rest of his medical career. Silenced, from recommending people with weight-related joint issues, inflammation and the complications of Type 2 diabetes, reduce sugar and processed foods to improve their health outcomes… Why???


Unexpectedly, the answers to questions she had about ‘who was silencing the science’ were buried in the pages of history.


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