#37 Life After Lyme Disease: Dr. Peter Birchler

As a natural health doctor, who went through the struggles of Lyme Disease himself, Dr. Peter Birchler shares his story and advice for those desperately searching for help.


He teaches how to get your life back after Lyme Disease! His brand, Life After Lyme Disease, has the purpose to help those who’ve had Lyme disease to get pain free and healthy again, naturally. 


In this show, we discuss Dr. Birchler’s experience with Lyme Disease: his symptoms, his treatment, and the years of struggles he experienced after the disease. You’ll learn practical application on how to change your midset to believe in healing, learn from your experience, and get on track to be pain free and healthy.


When Dr. Birchler was 15, he was sidelined by a basketball injury. His father took him to the chiropractor, who helped him return to the game. In his teen years, he became interested in performance and its relation to diet and other aspects of health. “Chiropractic really resonated with me. I wasn’t there because I was sick but rather because I wanted to stay active.” He knew he wanted a career that would directly impact people in a positive way, and chiropractic was a perfect fit.


Dr. Birchler attended Cleveland Chiropractic College in Kansas City, Missouri. There, he learned more about nutrition, lifestyle and how to assist his patients in attaining true health. Since then, he’s complemented his chiropractic education with many continuing education courses. He is a Certified Detoxification Specialist from the International School of Detoxification in Sarasota, Florida.


For Dr. Birchler, being a chiropractor is a gift. Using just his hands, he could be anywhere in the world and make an impact on a person’s life. “I want to share chiropractic care to as many people as I can and never lose sight of the joy it can give. Teaching and inspiring people about how to get well and stay well are my biggest accomplishments.”


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