#17 Rewire Your Brain with Aromatherapy: Debbie Spink

Debbie Spink is a holistic therapist, aromatherapist and self care coach specializing in natural method routines for wellbeing and dealing with stress, overwhelm and anxiety. 

She works with mothers in business who juggle many roles each day to uplift to their best self to radiate their power to those around them.

Debbie has recently launched her podcast Natural Life Flow and has a facebook group community of the same name.


Connect with Debbie Spink:



Website: www.debbiespink.com

Podcast Natural Life Flow: https://anchor.fm/debbie-spink

Natural Life Flow: https://www.facebook.com/groups/366292014029749/?ref=share

Free online resource – https://bit.ly/nlfjunepamperpack2020



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