How Can Spinal Decompression Eliminate Pain in Export PA?

How Can Spinal Decompression Eliminate Pain in Export?

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With our advanced disc rehydration therapy in Export, we are creating motion directly to the areas of the spine that are creating nerve compression.

Through decompression and traction, we are creating:

  • hydration in the disc
  • endorphins for pain reduction
  • increased sustained motion in the spine

This therapy reverses the aging process and restores function back in the disc and the spine, taking pressure off the nerve that controls your vital organs and tissues.

Symptoms of Degeneration in Export

Who should talk to us about spinal decompression therapy? Anybody that is experiencing these symptoms of degeneration:

  • Spinal pain
  • Stenosis
  • Instability
  • Sciatica
  • Sharp electrical pain
  • Hurts to walk
  • Can't be active anymore
  • Can't sleep from back pain
  • Afraid you might need back surgery
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Have you been told that your condition cannot be improved or maintained without drugs or surgery? This usually is not true! Your body has an incredible ability to heal and thrive naturally. With 28 years in practice, Dr. Tressler has researched and formulated custom treatments that have proven to be successful with even the most difficult cases of chronic neck and back pain.

Want to learn more about spinal decompression therapy and how Dr. Aaron Tressler at In8Life in Export, PA can help with your chronic neck or lower back pain? Call and speak with our team at (724) 327-5665 or book a new patient appointment.


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