#99 X3 Bar Variable Resistance Training Q&A: Dr. John Jaquish

In a follow up interview, Dr. Tressler discusses his experience, results, and questions using the X3 Bar Variable Resistance Training System. If you haven’t listened to Part 1 yet, go back and listen to episode #91.

John Jaquish, PhD, is a Wall Street Journal Best Selling author of Weightlifting Is a Waste of Time and inventor of OsteoStrong, a bone density building medical device that has reversed osteoporosis for thousands and created more powerful, fracture-resistant athletes across 300 clinics worldwide.

While researching bone density, Dr. Jaquish quantified the variance in power capacities from weak to strong ranges, which led to his second invention, X3. Research indicates X3 builds muscle much faster than conventional lifting in far less time and with the lowest risk of joint injury.

Dr. Jaquish has been featured on many top health podcasts and speaks at scientific conferences all over the world. He is a research professor at Rushmore University and a nominee for the National Medal of Science.


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