#95 Why Detoxification is Critical: Spencer Feldman

Spencer Feldman is an Oregon native. He grew up in New York, and lived there for most of his before finding contentment in the Pacific Northwest. His background in Holistic Health and Chelation Therapy and passion for detoxification allows Spencer to do what he loves every day- make products that allow real detoxification to happen. Being the longest-running Suppository Company in the United States, Spencer has shared his passion for health for over 20 years with products that represent true craftsmanship and commitment to quality. RemedyLink Suppositories are 100% handcrafted using the highest quality, solvent-free extracts. Every product in his catalog have undergone extensive hours of transformation, being carefully tweaked and expertly created to make real detoxification happen. Spencer thrives on the process, from start to finish, and it shows in the audience who have experienced the quality of RemedyLink Suppositories.



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