#81 Neurofeedback for Chronic Pain: Richard Little

Richard Little is a Scottish-born, New Zealand-based engineer behind the invention of game changing neuroscience technologies for paraplegics and sufferers of chronic pain. Richard’s neuroscience journey began more than 20 years ago, inspired by the aftermath of his mother suffering a stroke and his best friend Robbie Irving being diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. With his engineering background, Richard embarked on a mission to invent robotic technology that could ease or even stop humanity from the huge toll and suffering. 

In 2007, Richard launched REX Bionics – inventing a hands-free robotic ‘exoskeleton’ to aid rehabilitation in walking, standing and exercising for people with severe physical disabilities and mobility impairments. Its successful launch and patient use has led to compelling stories of hope, including paralyzed fathers being able to walk by their daughters’ side on their wedding day.

Fast forward nearly 15 years later and today, Richard is the CEO, founder and chief engineer of Exsurgo – an innovative neuroscience company that represents a modern merging of specialties: engineers, clinicians, neuroscientists and computer scientists developing science and technology that enables a re-wiring of a damaged brain to alleviate suffering from some of the world’s biggest health problems, including a condition that’s more prevalent than diabetes, heart disease and cancer combined: chronic pain.


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