#75 Mental Toughness and Adversity: Haisley O’Leary

Haisley O’Leary is a Career Firefighter and Ultramarathon runner. Leaving school at age 19, he joined the Air Force as a Military Firefighter, and at age 24 started with the New Zealand Fire Service. This year marks 25 years as a Career Firefighter.


As an Ultramarathon runner, he has competed in numerous events of differing lengths and levels of difficulty. From 50km Mountain trail Ultra in Central Otago to 100km trail Ultra around Lake Taupo. 80km road Ultra’s in his home town of Taranaki. One of the greatest running experiences so far was participating in the Grand to Grand Ultra in Arizona/Utah, a 273km 6 Stage 7 Day multi-day stage race. He is currently in training for his first 100 mile Ultramarathon scheduled for November 2021.


The stories that he shares are based around the experiences he has encountered as a Career Firefighter & also as an Ultramarathon runner. The impact of dealing with traumatic scenes as a Firefighter, PTSD & how training & exercise as a runner enables him to reset & refocus his attention away from work related stress, to become more resilient and mentally stronger. He also shares how losing his baby son, Joseph, changed the way he approaches life and how he has channeled the grief to empower him to take on challenges.


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