#71 Experiencing Grace: Matt Stevens

Pastor Matt Stevens has been married to Courtney for 21 years, because she is able to forgive readily and often!  They have eight children together, ranging in age from 20 to 4–he’ll be 61 when the last one becomes an adult.     Matt serves Kiski Valley Presbyterian Church, a member congregation of the Presbyterian Church in America, in Leechburg.  He is saved by grace alone in spite of himself!  He was at one time addicted to heroin, but in God’s mercy, Matt was released from the bondage of addiction.  Matt worked in the hospitality industry for twenty years prior to God’s call to be a pastor:  he’s done everything there is to do in a restaurant.      After splitting his time between serving, bartending and managing restaurants, Matt began cooking.  He’s worked as a chef for restaurants, one hotel, clubs, and finally a grocery store.  He loved his hospitality career very much, but God had other plans.  He’s been a pastor for 9 years, and while it’s totally different from anything else, pastoring God’s people is his passion (most of the time).     He holds an A. A. S. in Culinary Arts from Johnson and Wales (Norfolk, Va.), a B.S. in Human Nutrition and Foods with an emphasis in Dietetics from Virginia Tech (Blacksburg, Va.) and a M. Div. from Reformed Theological Seminary (Jackson, Ms.).   https://kiskivalleypca.org/    

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