#66 Personalized Health and Gene Expression: Dr. Cam McDonald

Dr. Cam McDonald is PhD scholar, is an accredited, practicing dietitian, accredited exercise physiologist, international speaker and educator in the field of personalized and precision health and how it applies to individuals in all walks of life. 

Over the last 18 years he has been working with health professionals, individual clients, small and multi-national organizations and schools to help them all better understand themselves and those they interact with based on unique biological epigenetic differences.

His driving passion is to help create a culture where a healthy body is the norm and through his work with Shae (as COO), the mission is to eliminate chronic disease and pain by the year 2050.

The work he does looks to understand the entire environment and how it impacts individuals in different ways, and how the combination of clinical experience and health tech enables us to predict how an individual is likely to respond, and what can be done about that.

All of this is designed to tackle stress management, self-awareness, resilience, disease reversal, high mental and physical performance, and greater fulfilment in life by understanding your biology, and that of others and how it can be best supported.


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