#63 Root Causes – An Unexpected Twist: Dr. Sherri Greene

Dr. Greene combines science, holistic medicine, and empathy gained from her own personal journey to heal chronic pain, to help people shift into optimal health. Classically trained as a podiatric physician and surgeon, Dr. Greene has experienced the miracles that occur when people use a holistic approach — body, mind, and spirit — to heal, rather than being treated for a named disease or condition.

Witnessing people shift into better health by making changes to their diet, lifestyle and outlook led Dr. Greene to study complementary therapies, wisdom traditions and to hone her innate intuitive gifts. Her scope of knowledge and compassion offer people hope and confidence that they can heal. As a leading restorative physician, Dr. Greene works with patients in a scientific, holistic way to end chronic pain, boost immunity and help them live a better life.

Dr. Greene integrates more than 30 years of scientific and clinical experience at top medical institutions with training in complementary medicine including functional nutrition, energy medicine, homeopathy and herbal medicine with Western medicine modalities to help restore peace of mind, body and sense of self. Specializing in solving persistent pain, mystery illness, and autoimmune issues. She is vigilant about finding optimal paths for helping you shift back into a state of balance while feeling better everyday.

Dr. Greene is a wellness practitioner endorsed by Medical Medium Anthony William who has more than 2.6M global followers.

Talking Points:

– Getting down to the root cause of pain and chronic sickness

– Viral infections, neurotoxins

– Strengthening the immune system

– Low fat diet

– Holistic podiatry & foot health



Connect with Dr. Greene:


Instagram- @drsherrigreene


LinkedIn- https://www.linkedin.com/in/sherri-greene-bb418b7/


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