#62 Learning Your Own Biology: Jennifer Little-Fleck

After getting her degree in Molecular Biology at the University of Pittsburgh, Jennifer Little-Fleck went through a crazy progression of career development from transplant research, to pharmaceutical sales training, to creating a resume-writing advice blog—finally embracing her destiny as a freelance medical writer and biology entertainment podcaster!


As a full-time freelance medical writer, Jennifer has the best job in the world – being paid to learn! As a consequence – Jennifer gets many questions from friends and family, so she decided to start a fun and entertaining, yet informative, podcast on all the biology things you REALLY want to know.


Talking points:

1. What is autobiology?

2. Why we should all know a little biology

3. How we can influence the expression of our genes through understanding epigenetics


Connect with Jennifer:

Instagram: @autobiologywithjennifer: https://autobiology.net/instagram

Website: www.autobiology.net

Autobiology Bits on iTunes: https://autobiology.net/apple

Resume website: https://smartboldjobsearch.com


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