#6 Living Vibrantly to 100! Dr. Eric Plasker

Dr. Eric Plasker is an international bestselling author, world-renowned speaker, wellness leader and practicing chiropractor since 1986. He has helped tens of thousands of patients from all over the world improve their health and quality of life through the chiropractic care and 100 Year Lifestyle information provided at Plasker Chiropractic.

His first injury at age 15 was life transformational. Being an athlete, and wanting to do anything to play, the advice he first received was to take drugs and do not play. What he heard the doctor say was, “PILLS = DON’T PLAY.”

His search to find a different type of doctor changed his life, his career and his mission. He realized that people can live an active, healthy, drug-free life. A 100-year life is our birthright, not borrowed time.

In this show, Dr. Plasker explains that it’s time that we all look at mindset, philosophy, disease, diet, nutrition, exercise, nervous system as a source to inner healing and reaching that 100-year lifestyle. It all starts with vision! We have a skewed view of aging and longevity – sickness is not normal. Let’s instead begin to look at aging as a healthy, fun journey.

What habit patterns optimize your energy? Destructive, survival, complacency, comfort, and human potential patterns. These destructive patterns are addictions. We continue to search from the outside to fill the inside like a chemical which will never complete our health.

You will gain so much from Dr. Plasker that you will need to listen, take notes and re-listen.


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