#25 Mindless Eating is Killing Us Slowly: Theresa Nicole

Theresa is a registered dietitian nutritionist and a transformational nutrition health coach with an amazing story of where her passion for nutrition began.

After struggling with a sugar addiction, and then being diagnosed with a chronic illness, she discovered her healing would come from her diet. She went to countless doctor appointments, finding that nobody could truly help her. Listen and learn how she reversed her chronic illness and take her advice to change your life!

She began working in healthcare facilities as a clinical nutritionist and saw similar patterns among her clients and patients.

Her patients knew that changing their diet was an important part of their recovery, but they didn’t have the tools and support to make the right changes.

Theresa realized that offering only nutrition advice was not enough so she started incorporating principles of psychology and spirituality in addition to science when educating her clients.

The changes her clients experienced were life-changing.

They began to lose weight and gain their health back.

Theresa now helps women who feel bad about their bodies or who struggle with their weight learn how to meal plan and prepare nutritious food for their family so they can lose the baby weight and fit into their favorite clothes again.

She also helps men with a risk of heart disease and diabetes get their eating patterns back on track so they can lose the gut, reduce their waist size, get their energy back, and extend their life for their wife and children.

Theresa’s true passion in life is health and nutrition, and when she’s not working, you can find her cooking a new healthy recipe, spending time with her son, or planning her next travel adventure.


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