#11 Create Your Thinner Self: David Medansky

David Medansky, a retired divorce attorney, is an international best-selling author, and America’s Newest Authority for Healthy Sustainable Weight Loss.

Because of being overweight, David was a ticking time bomb on the verge of an early death.

In July of 2016, his doctor told him to lose weight or find another physician, because he didn’t want David dying of a heart attack on his watch. Within four months, Medansky shed 50 pounds, 25% of his total body weight. He wrote about his inspirational weight-reduction journey in his book, Discover Your Thinner Self.  He shares his healthful information in his new weight reduction book, If Not Now, When? Reduce Weight – Create a Healthy Lifestyle in 90 Days so that others might benefit from his knowledge.

Because diets tend to be trendy, temporary, and hard to stick to, David teaches them to feel better by eating healthier and stop losing the same 10 pounds over and over without needing to buy expensive meals, supplements or products and without having to follow an exercise program or count calories. Bottom line, Medansky offers simple solutions for healthy weight loss results.


Connect with David Medansky:

Website: www.CreateYourThinnerSelf.com  




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