Peripheral Neuropathy

Cutting Edge Treatments for Neuropathy, Nerve Pain, and Conditions in Murrysville

If you have been researching for nerve pain and neuropathy treatments in the Greater Pittsburgh area, then you likely have already been given this diagnosis or you are suffering from symptoms that you are concerned could be occurring as a result of this condition. Don’t let another day pass without coming in to see the Neuropathy Specialist of Murrysville. Our doctor, Dr. Tressler, would love the opportunity to meet you, discuss your condition and get you on a path to improvement and recovery.


Unfortunately, many suffer from the symptoms of neuropathy and don’t get an accurate diagnosis until the symptoms have progressed to the point of being severe.  Your condition likely started as “a little tingle” then got more persistent, and overtime progressed to pain, burning, or numbness.  It’s not an easy diagnosis to make for most doctors as it is usually accompanied by other underlying disease, symptoms or issues. Dr. Tressler is the Murrysville Neuropathy Specialist and is very passionate about diagnosing and treating successfully those suffering from this debilitating condition.

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Peripheral Neuropathy Pain Relief in Murrysville

Like many patients that have come to our office, you may have been told that your condition cannot be improved or is too advanced to be helped. We hear this all of the time and we are happy to share hope with you! Understanding the powerful innate ability for the body to heal, we refuse to believe that you have to live with this forever. We have a very high success rate, using groundbreaking treatment that has shown to improve neuropathy related pain and conditions.


Are you ready to heal from neuropathy?

Our complete program consists of in-office and at home therapy to restore and regenerate normal nerve and blood flow, which may include specific chiropractic treatment, decompression therapy, nutritional support, infrared light therapy, the Rebuilder nerve stimulator, 24/7 online support and more.


  • Sharp stabbing pain or burning sensation

  • Change in the ability to feel hot or cold

  • Pins & needles feeling

  • Extreme sensitivity to touch

  • Muscle weakness, lack of coordination and falling

  • Numbness, prickling or tingling in your feet, hands, arms, or legs