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*For people purchasing In8Life SlimIN8 and all IN8LIFE products from Tressler Chiropractic and who are Patients of Dr. Aaron D. Tressler and Tressler Chiropractic:

Dr. Aaron Tressler, at Tressler Chiropractic, has extensive knowledge of SlimIN8 and how it works in the human body. However, if you are not a patient of Dr. Aaron Tressler and Tressler Chiropractic, but wish to use the proprietary blend SlimIN8 and all IN8LIFE products, it is your responsibility to check with your personal physician, primary care facilitator, or MD regarding the personal use of our IN8LIFE products. We, at Tressler Chiropractic, advise you to check with your personal physician before starting this or any weight reduction program. Dr. Tressler and Tressler Chiropractic cannot be held responsible for lack of education regarding the use of IN8LIFE products. We encourage you to research the use of this product and its possible affects on your individual health. If you have any concerns regarding the use of homeopathic SlimIN8, we encourage you to seek the advice of your primary care physician.

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