The 20 Day Rapid Weight Loss Program Includes:

  • All the supplements needed for 20 day program
    • (1) 1 oz. SlimIN8
    • (1) IN8 Cleanse Complete
    • (1) IN8 Fiber+
    • (1) IN8 Chlorella
    • (1) IN8 Pro
    • (2) IN8 Cardio Max
    • (2) IN8 Sugar Shield
  • Complete book and manual, video training and mentoring program, and e-mail access for questions and concerns! Personalized coaching comes with our in-house programs.
  • NOTE: This does NOT include Consults, Testing or Training from the Doctor or Staff ($300 Value)


Product descriptons:

  • SlimIN8
    • This weight loss, appetite suppressant and metabolism accelerant increases both stamina and energy. It also with effects of diabetes, blood sugar control and lowering cholesterol.

  • IN8 Cleanse Complete
    • A proprietary blend consisting of 11 herbs including acai berry, ginger root, and papaya. This blend helps create balance in the body for better weight management, to protect cells from free radicals, and aid digestion and gut health with fiber.

  • IN8 Fiber+
    • This proprietary combination of 11 unique herbs, fibers, and nutrients come together to support the body's natural cleansing process, expelling toxins after just 2-weks of use.

  • IN8 Chlorella
    • A SUPERFOOD, packed with protein, iron, antioxidants and vitamins. It fights bacteria, fungi, tumors, and viruses, while helping to remove toxins our of cells. Chlorella may improve cholesterol, blood sugar levels, and gastrointestinal disorders.

  • IN8 Pro
    • Power packed with 4 different strains of bacteria and 40 million CFU's. Using MAKTrek By-Pass Technology, the bacteria is ensured to absorption without being destroyed by stomach acid.  ESSENTIAL for healthy intestinal flora to promote digestive and immune health.

  • IN8 Cardio Max
    • White mulberry leaf extract aids in weight loss, controlling cholesterol levels, reducing diabetes and lowering blood pressure. It is also good for ringing in ears, dizziness, arthritis, and may support sugary cravings control.

  • IN8 Sugar Shield
    • A starch blocker to help prevent obesity and directly target and reduce abdominal fat. It accelerates weight loss and improves how the body metabolizes carbs.


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20 Day Rapid Weight Loss Program

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