Why Pure Water Is Important …

I have been asked this question a lot lately, “Why is it so important that I drink purified water?”

There are a number of reasons why, 1) Drinking impure water is one of the biggest ways that we get toxins into our body. Drinking purified or distilled water is the only way to ensure the water we drink in as clean as possible.  We need to eliminate as many toxins as possible and try to avoid as many as possible too. Spring water is not always put through the same filtration as purified and distilled water is.  Your fridge filter doesn’t really cut it either.   2)  If you are on any one of our In8Life programs it is a must because we all have toxins in our bodies and we can not avoid them totally.  If our bodies, to be more specific, our cells have too many toxins stored up in them,  then our bodies will have to protect itself by incasing those toxins with FAT.  That means it stores as much FAT as in needs to protect you from getting sick.  The more toxins the more FAT.   Have you ever gotten a headache or belly ache from not eating.  You may have said “I need to eat something or it’s been too long since I ate because I’m getting a headache”.  Why this happens is that your body needs energy to go about your daily activities. It uses its stored up energy, which is FA.  As your body needs fuel,  kicks in to its reserve FAT to burn and  it leaves the toxins behind to float around in your body stream.  As this happens you start to get a headache and/or belly ache.  It is your body’s way of telling you that it needs “refueled” so to speak.  This is also a sure sign that you are too toxic.  If your body need energy you should hear your belly growl not get sick.  3) Impure water, especially tap water, can have added fluoride and chlorine to it to make it “safe” for drinking.  Just so you know fluoride and chlorine are not safe to ingest, I sure hope you know this.  This is a joke, fluoride and chlorine bind to your thyroid and cause it not to work correctly, and your thyroid is important to balance hormones and we all know how our hormones can effect us, just ask our spouses and our families.  Also if your thyroid isn’t working properly, it’s harder to lose weight.

In short, drinking pure water is one of the cheapest, easiest way to avoid extra toxins.  We all need to be more aware of what we are putting into our bodies.

KISS fact: My patients should know this simple idea for making better choices on what and how they should eat.  If it grows on a plant, bush, shrub or tree it’s probably ok to eat.  If it eats a plant, bush, shrub or tree it’s probably ok to eat.  If it’s made in a “plant” you probably shouldn’t eat it.  Made in a plant means that it’s processed and as much as possible we should avoid processed food.

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