When Boredom Strikes

Hey Guys!

I wanted to talk to you about getting bored with your food. Lately my husband has been feeling like he eats the same thing over and over again. I think sometimes when this situation happens, is when we find ourselves cheating and going out to eat. At least it’s what I find that I have done in the past. It is so easy to find the foods we like and make a really good meal and then make it our “go to” meal. In our house those meals are chicken stir fry and steak with mushrooms and peppers. My hubby loves these meals because they are easy and quick to make and he feels confident that they are going to taste great. We get stressed sometimes when we don’t know what to make or we making a meal for the first time. It is weird to think about, but I was nervous when I first got married to cook meals for Nick because I did not want to mess up in front of him. It must be a newlywed thing that I just had to get over because I LOVE trying new meals and trust me not all of them have turned out great. So now that Nick has been doing some more cooking and starting to feel that sense of boredom I had to think of ways that I could empower him to get back on track. So here are a few that I came up with.

  1. Buy new ingredients (changing up the veggies is an easy start)

  2. Break out some new spices/marinades

  3. Shred chicken and use ground beef (This helps because of a change in texture)

These three alone will do wonders for mixing up your meals. Now if you are picky with what veggies you like it can be a little harder with number one, but then you definitely want to try some new spices and/or marinades. If you are into researching new recipes Pinterest is a great place for finding them! The answer to getting excited about what you make again doesn’t have to be complicated, it just needs a few simple solutions. When life gets bored sometimes we just have to mix it up!

Emily M.


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