It seems to amaze me when patients come in for an exam and have never been taught the principles of chiropractic and body function.  What do I mean?

I know most doctors (including chiropractors) are pain based and symptom based.  They want to diagnose what the problem is or where the pain is and prescribe a pill, an adjustment, or therapy to alleviate thesymptom and never explain where the cause of the problem is or how it could devastate them later if not fully corrected.

Let me explain.  The spine houses the nerve system which is in direct control of your muscles, organs and every part of your body.  ONLY 6-10% of all the nerves are pain sensitive.  That means that the other 90+% is function based.  They are controlling the organs and overall health.  So, if there is a spinal subluxation, misalignment, this MAY cause pain if it hits on the 6-10%, but it most likely is causing organ dysfunction!!

So, if the pain goes away after therapy, an adjustment, or pill, did the complete problem go away?  In our office, we take time to educate our patients on the nerve system, the spine and how it works, and then our exam and x-rays will determine if it is subluxation.  It amazes me that many chiropractors don’t take x-rays.  Without an x-ray, it is IMPOSSIBLE to determine the health of the spine.  We then take time to review our x-rays and findings with our patients so they fully understand where the problem is and what needs to be done.

So, if your doctor is determining your care based on symptoms, you may want to ask for some concrete evidence to show you exactly what your problem is, how bad it is, where it is and what can be done to correct.  If your doctor does take an x-ray, ask them to go over in detail what it means and then make sure they do follow up tests and x-rays to show improvement!!

Our care is precise and we not only go over the problem, we go over what needs to be done, both in our office and what can be done at home, to correct the problem.  After a short period of time, we do follow up x-rays and tests to see how it is improving and healing.  Nearly 100% of the time we will see improvement and correction on x-ray.  Then, we know there is healing.

Expect the best from your doctor and demand the best!

Have a Merry Christmas – that is the Holiday we are in!  Say it to the checkout people, the people you greet, and enjoy this precious time with family.

God bless, Dr T

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