Wendy Wisdom Words Wednesday

Hello Everyone

As you may or may not know, I take great pride in writing quotes each week on the chalkboard behind the front desk.  So each week I’m going to post the new quote of the week. This week its all about making small steps towards your goals.  We all have to start somewhere.  The hardest part about making changes is admitting that you have to!  We all know we can be or do better but putting that into action takes commitment to yourself.  We all are guilty of putting everyone else first but you have to work on yourself before you can ever start helping others.  The reason the airline attendants tell you to put the air mask on yourself  first is so that you are able to help everyone around you.  If you are unhealthy and not taking care of yourself how in the world can you possibly aid someone else.  It’s all about admitting it and then starting!!!  Everyday I make the choice to add health into my body.  The struggle is real and we all, including everyone in this office, go through it.  I just remember my “why” and stick to the plan I set out for myself 23 years ago when I started on my new chiropractic lifestyle.  So if you have to start small then start with small changes, I started using brown rice instead of white rice all those years ago.  My point is everyday is a new opportunity to start new.  That’s God promise to us.  We are not guaranteed tomorrow and yesterday is gone, but today is ours to make better choices.  Keep the faith and stay positive.


KISS fact:  The best way to make a change is to add something new into your life that’s healthy instead of taking away something.  Drink more clean water or eat more veggies.  Once you start feeling awesome from these changes its easier to eliminate  the bad stuff.

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