Wendy Wisdom Words Wednesday

Hello Again Everyone, I know that it’s hard to start something new but if you ever want something different you’ll have to do something different. It’s about how bad you want that something different! This is true for everything in your life, especially in starting a new way of living healthy. In the last 5 years of coaching our patients on diet and weight loss, I’ve heard every excuse under that sun. Some were valid and but most were nothing more that a excuse to use in case the patient didn’t live up to their own goals. Excuses are like toilets, we all have them but they all stink. There is always going to be a reason you can find not to do something. The secret is to just do it anyway. This is easier said then done, but still it needs to be done. I have recently decided to start waking up at 5:30 on Monday, Wednesday and Fridays because I want to get my power walk in everyday before work instead of just 4 days a week. Now I know I could walk after work on these days but I make even more excuses not to walk after work then before, so 5:30 it is. I hate even thinking about it and I have every excuse why I hate it and shouldn’t do it but, if I want long term health I have too. So instead of making excuses about not doing it, I’m trying to make is work. I am starting to get up 15 minutes earlier for 2 weeks then another 15 minutes earlier for another 2 weeks and repeat until I get to 5:30. I’m getting up now at 6, so in a couple more weeks and I should be good. If I don’t try to find a way to make it work then I’ll never meet my goal of 5:30. It’s about trying to find a solution that works. I may get to 5:30 and decide it’s too much for me but at least I’m trying. The same is for you and whatever the “thing” is you want to get out of life. If you put in the time and just start something you are at least are moving in to right direction. The hardest part is always the start, once you start it becomes part of you and the more chance you’ll keep it up. Wendy KISS fact: Start with something small so that you feel a sense of accomplishment. I first started eating brown rice instead of white rice 23 years ago and now I really don’t even eat rice at all. I never thought I would not eat rice because we loved it so much but we really don’t miss it now at all. My point is start with baby steps if you need to but still start!!!

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