Wendy Wisdom Words Wednesday

Hello Everyone!

This week’s message is all about the future.  I know I’ve said before that tomorrow is not a grantee but that doesn’t mean that you still shouldn’t plan on a future.  The things you do today have a great impact on your tomorrow.  Example, if your kid stays up all night watching tv and doesn’t get enough sleep you all know that the next day they will be a grumpy grizzle bear.  No one would even doubt that.  The same is true for us, what ever we do today will effect our tomorrows.  If you eat like crap and don’t exercise day after day no one should be surprise if you end up grumpy, no energy or even get sick.  Don’t most people get sick after the holidays.  Half the month on November and the entire month of December you  have parties, where you eat and/or drink not as well as you should. You are too busy going to all the special events and shopping to exercise like before.  Then come mid January you get sick.  Notice I didn’t say “we”, this is because “I” don’t get sick in January or really at all.  I have probably been sick maybe 3 times in the last 11 years.  I have little tiny stuffy nose once in awhile in the winter but never anything major.  I put in the time to do the right things by eating, exercising and thinking (my word is praying) positively.  I want to have a abundant future so I do what it takes now to reach it.  This is the point, if you want a future of health and living life to the fullest you have to put the time in now.  If you see yourself being healthy and happy you will do what it takes to achieve that future.


KISS Fact:  If you need help with exercise go to our YouTube page for Dr Tressler’s 8 minute work outs if you want helping either starting an eating program or getting back on track schedule a consult with us.  We are here to help!

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