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Greeting Everyone!

As we raised our children, our job is to protect them, care for them, and teach them.  It is a really tough job, if not these hardest job.  As much as we hate to see our children fail, sometimes the greatest lessons are taught with failure.  We all can remember the time when our son or daughter brought home a bad grade on a test or report card.  After they make every excuse in that book about why and how it happened, you finally get to the truth, they just didn’t study or prepare enough.  They need to learn a hard truth, hopefully it is sooner than later and more bad grades.  We all have touched a hot pot and got burned, but we learned not to touch the hot pot without a pot holder.  If we never learned from that experience and just keep grabbing the hot pot would you ever expect not to get burned?  Of course not, you would know or learn, that if you touched something hot you get burned.  Lesson learned.  I hope this is making sense to everyone.

Learned lessons will apply to everything we do.   This same lesson is true for our health.  Whether you are on a weight loss program or not, everyday you have a choice.  Will you learn from your passed experience or not.  If you continue to do the same things that got you to condition you are in, why would you think your condition would ever change?  We have patients that come into the office that are ready to change their lives, they know from the past, they have to make a change if they want to have a different outcome.  Like wise we have patient that “think” they want to change but are not willing too.  This is usually because they haven’t hit  low enough yet to learn the lesson.

The point I’m trying to make is we all have had those experiences in life which cause us to look differently at any given situation.  That’s our life lessons.  Our choice is either to learn from them or  just keep on experiencing the exact same issues until we do.  Think about it, what are you doing or not doing, either in your diet, lifestyle, health, home life, work life, finances, you fill in the blank to whatever, that you know you should or shouldn’t be?

We all have said “I should of known better” after the fact, right?  God has a funny way of putting trials in front of us until we  “GET IT” so to speak!  Learn from your mistake, that’s how you grow as person.  There really are no mistakes, sometimes you get it right and sometimes you learn.

A tough lesson learner myself,


KISS Fact:  This is more of challenge than anything, what are or aren’t you going to do from now on that you “should of known better” about?  Let me know, if you need support to make the change, we’re here to help anyway we can.

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