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Hello Again Everyone,

The last couple of weeks we have some of our greatest success stories.  I’m sure you have seen them on our Facebook page.  If you are not a friend of the page, I would suggest that you become one.  We share all of the awesome stories from our patients here to help motive you to do and be more.   As wonderful as this is, it is somewhat frustrating for me, too.  Over the last few weeks we have heard from our patients about how great the are doing and how great they feel but, in their next breathe we hear about a friend or family member that is having some health issues and they don’t know how to help them.  This is the part that frustrates us and brings me to my quote.  If you are doing something that is working for you and you’re having great success with it, why would you not tell others.  We live in a world where  people think it is best to mind their own business.  We sit back and watch our love ones going through trials with their health that we may be able to help with if we would just say “you should see my chiropractor, he’s helped me and maybe he can help you with…”  I think we are just too worried about what they will say or think about us.  Your speaking up maybe the one thing that they need to hear in order to head down a different path and this new path could save their life.  The reason I get up every morning is because God put a purpose in my life and I’m going to live up to his calling for me.  I may never know how my works will impact someone but I’m not taking the chance of missing an opportunity to speak up because someone’s life could depend on it.  We may not all have the same passion or calling, but if you hear or see someone heading down a path that may not be the best for them, why don’t we speak up.    In the last 23 years, there have been countless times where my “butting in” have got people thinking differently about their health.  Stepping out of my comfort zone my just be what changed their life for the better.  However, there also have been times when I didn’t reach out to someone and it makes me mad at myself for being selfish.  I know a huge, life saving secret that needs to be told.   I want to live in a world where chiropractic is the first course of action not the last.  My husband has been going through some health issues lately (yes even us weirdo natural chiropractic patients have medical issues) and we were about to start down the rabbit hole of drugs and possible surgery and then one of our patients reminded me of another path.  After 4 options from medical doctors, we were left with 2 really bad options of either rip out organs or taking powerful cancer causing drugs.  In my heart I couldn’t except either and I knew there had to be another way to regain his health.  A patinet reminded me of another natural doctor and we gave it a try.  He is feeling better and we are hopefully and prayerful that we found the answer we were looking for.  The point is; if it wasn’t for that patient saying “hey did you ever think…” well let’s just say, I’m not sure where we would be ending up at. We could of decide to take the drugs that cause my husband to get cancer or did the surgery and something could have went wrong during the procedure and I could have lost him.  Thank God for that patient speaking her mind and not caring about what we or anyone else thought about her speaking her mind.  We all have it in us to tell someone what they need to hear, it might just save their life.  Do not be afraid of what people think.  If you hear that inter voice telling you to say something, say it!!!


KISS Fact: Remember we have free consult cards for your family and friends.  If you give them the chance to hear the truth and they decide not to do anything about it, your job is done.  The ball is in their court, so to speak.

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