Wendy Wisdom Words Wednesday

Good Morning Everyone!

I love this quote!  Just think about the shiny glow stick.  Looks just like a plain, ordinal plastic tube…until SNAP, it’s like magic.  I remember glow stick necklace and brackets.  My kids couldn’t wait until dark to break them to see that magic happen.  The kids would fall asleep with them around their necks and their entire bedroom would glow.  My husband and I would make sure we put the glowing tube into the freezer just hoping it would last more than one night.  Unfortunately, it never really stayed glowing.  My kids would feel bad.  Looking back on those times now, I think it was because they wanted to keep the “magic” for as long as they could.  I would try to remind them of the fun they had the night before with them and we can get more for another night but they were still disappointed.  They wanted that stick to work for ever.

This is really the same thing in life when our goals and vision seem not to be going the way we would like.  It’s easy for us to keep on going when things are good.  The true test of character is when the road we are traveling gets “bumpy”,  how do we respond.   Do we feel bad for ourselves and restore back to our bad habits?  Do we blame others?  Do we make excuses for our situation?  These are all natural responses.  The problem with these “excuses” is that we need to take responsibility for ourselves.  We can not and will not ever be able to control anything but how we respond to any given situation.  We will fall, we will get hurt, we will lose things and people that are important to us.  Getting up, fighting and moving forward is the true test.  It shows the world what we are made of.  There is an inter drive in side you that you need to hold on to.  I call that inter spirit God.

This is true for every aspect of your life.  There are seasons in our lives.  There are different areas of our lives.  Health is one of these aspects.  Your health is your responsibility.  Take charge of it.  You will have set backs, but keep fight the good fight.  We here at In8Life we want to be a part of your team and be in your corner.  We are continuing to learn and research more to help you.  We also have struggles but we get back up and fight!  I pray for you guys everyday.  I want you to have abundant lives.  You have to want the same things for yourselves.

So remember the next time it seems like your breaking, you are exactly where you need to be at that moment.  Sometimes going through the hard stuff is just setting you up to “glow” brighter tomorrow.  We are hear for you and care about you, even if you just need a hug, just ask for one.

From one who has been broken many times so I can glow later,


Let us know if these blogs are useful.  It is my intention to see you lifted higher.  Most of the time, they are directly related to a current situation I’m going through myself or pulling for my life experiences.  We all need positive thoughts in our life, Lord knows there is enough negative for us to think about.  This is just my way of telling you that it will be ok.

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