Weight Loss: Are You Focusing on the Outcome or on the Process?


So you’re set on losing weight and have decided to shed 20 pounds by July 1st. Great!!!!

We call that an outcome goal. “Getting rid of belly fat” is another example . It’s great to strive towards these goals, but we also need processes in place to help us actually achieve them.

Process goals are quantifiable, measurable goals that can help you reach your outcome. Examples include: “Walk for 30 minutes every morning” and “Eat an apple after lunch”. The more habitual a process goal becomes, the higher the chances you will achieve your outcome goal. Here’s what a good process goal looks like:

  1. First of all, it must be specific. Instead of “eat more fruits and vegetables”, set a goal to “eat a banana every morning for breakfast”.

  2. Your goal must be realistic. Instead of attempting to “run 10 miles” every morning and risking injury, choose “run 45 minutes on Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday”.

  3. Your process goal must be measurable. Instead of “cutting back on calories”, set a goal of “eating no more than 1600 calories per day”.

  4. For each of your process goals, you should be able to easily report to yourself whether you achieved it or not. You should track your process goals in one place (for example, the Fooducate app) to see how well you are doing over time. Succeeding with your process goals will serve as a motivator to continue completing them, setting you up for long term success with your outcome goal. What are the process goals you have set for yourself?


KISS Fact:  Start slow if you have a history of not following through or keeping on track with any goals.  Remember reaching any goal, eating better, exercising more, financial security or spending more time praying, it is a marathon not a sprint!  Think long term, if you fall off the wagon a little, don’t totally give up the fight.  What separates the men from the boys or women from the girls, so to speak, is those that stumble a little realize it and put the mistake behind them and start again.  Stay focused on the BIG PICTURE!!!!

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