Two things everyone wants when cooking; Quick & Easy

Learning how to manage/adapt to the newly wed lifestyle along with being pregnant has been quite the adventure! I have now been married to my husband Nick for  6 months and have been pregnant for almost all those 6 months (yes I know what you’re thinking, and you’d be right; HONEYMOON BABY). I think one of the most interesting parts about moving in with your spouse (besides all the excitement) is figuring out who plays what role. Well Nick and I both knew long ago that I am definitely the cook out of us two. I am the one who knows what and where to buy the ingredients and how to prepare more than just a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.  At least that’s what he says. The thing is, I know he can be a great cook! It’s the “this takes too long” or “I don’t know what spices and ingredients to use to make it like you do” comments that make it hard for me to get him to cook. BUT things are changing.

Now like I said before, I have been pregnant for almost the whole time we’ve been married. Well, if you know anything about pregnancy, then you probably know that in all of the beauty of it, there can be some not so fun experiences like fatigue, sickness, and high emotions. These specifically have definitely made my role as the sole cook in the household difficult. So these past few months have consisted of me showing my husband how to cook and it has definitely added to our newlywed adventure.

Nick wants two things when he makes food. Quick and Easy …and who doesn’t right?? Over the past 6 months we’ve delved into stir fry, grilled chicken and broccoli, and all kinds of good recipes but he wanted something he could make even quicker and take on the go. So what I found that really helped with that is the salad kits that you can buy at the grocery store. They were a hit because not only do they provide everything you need in the kit but it takes no time at all to make and there are a lot of different kinds to choose from, so pick your flavor! They make for a great and easy lunch at the office too for me!

The only issue was that Nick wanted some protein with it to fill him up, so I offered to show him how to make a steak. Steak is my favorite because it is so quick to cook and only takes a few ingredients and a cast iron pan.





Real butter (No margarine’s because they are a processed food with hydrogenated oils!)

**Here is an article about the benefits of using raw organic butter in your diet

We cooked the steak for 3 minutes on each side then sliced it and threw them back on for another few minutes and that was that!

The point here, is, that cooking does not have to be a long elaborate experience to enjoy your meal. It can be as simple as salt, pepper, and butter. It’s a matter of learning a few fast and simple tricks. I know that Nick still loves my cooking, but it eases my mind to know that he has something healthy, filling, and great tasting to eat when he’s on his own. Now he has no excuse to not cook both of us a good steak too! 😉

Life is always going to be throwing you curve balls (like getting pregnant in your first month of marriage) but adapting to new ways and learning how to better your lifestyle really can be quite simple!

Emily M.


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