The Sun Always Comes Up Tomorrow

Starting something new is never easy but the reward is well worth the time and energy you put into it.  You will be stepping out of your comfort zone into a whole new, healthier world.  This is very true for our patients starting one of our In8Life programs.  Starting a program with us means that you get us, we’re hear to help, encourage and support you.  There is no other office that’s care for their patients like we do.  As you may or may not know, I take great pride in the chalk board in our office. Every week I write an inspirational quote on the board.  I do this to help our patients stay on a better, healthier, happier course.  I myself feed off the strengthen of the words on the board each week.  We all, including myself, have “challenging” days.  Everyone has to WANT to start a new path and we are here to help you achieve your goals and get you the life you want.  You have to do your part too.  No offense intended, but if you don’t ask for help how are we suppose to know when you are struggling.  We all love our patients and want nothing more then for them to success on the journey.  So remember to seek help if there are any questions or if you just need us to boost you up again and remind you why you started on this quest for true health in the first place.  So to quote some famous movies 1)Annie…”the sun will come up tomorrow”  and 2) Finding Dory…”Just keep Swimming”


KISS fact:  Knowledge is power, the more you learn the better equipped you are to succeed.  Dr Tressler has written 2 books that are available in our office 1) True Health and 2) The ABC’s of Health, next time your in and want to take you knowledge to the next level pick one up.  If you mention you saw this BLOG and you will read it and want to improve, we’ll gift either one to you.  Just tell Emily at the front and she’ll get a copy for FREE!  

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