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How many of you remember the movie “The Mighty Ducks”?  For those of you that have never watched that movie I would recommend it.  It is a great family movie with a terrific message.  I was thinking about the theme of the movie today when I was talking to one of our patients.  Here’s a brief overview of the movie (not giving away the movie for those of you that haven’t  seen it) and then I’ll explain the reference to healthcare.  It is about a hot shot hockey player who thinks he knows it all.  Through a course of events he comes to be the coach of a youth hockey team.  The team really doesn’t play well together and all want to do what they think is best.  Fast forward into the movie and they come up with a plan to play together.  The name of the plan the was the “Flying V”.  That’s all I’m telling you about the movie  but here’s the point.  Everyone thinks that they’re are hot shots and know what best, however, without a plan no one will succeed.  My patient told me that he was at his medical doctor’s appointment today.  He had test done at his doctor that had all improved since his last visit.  When our patient  told him that he was under chiropractic care now and not taking the medication, well I’m sure you can imagine what the MD said.  We were called “quacks”.  Let me be the first to say that medical treatment is a necessary for crisis care and the US is the best at crisis care by far anywhere.  When it comes to be healthy,  that’s when I take up the battle.  Not having symptoms is not health care. That debate is for another post so back to the point.   We gave our patient a plan and he followed it and he saw the plan work by his numbers all lowering not to mention he is  feeling better.  We at In8Life have awesome plans for achieving your health goals.  We’re not hot shots who THNIK we know best, we know that our plans work because we have over 20+ years of proof in our patients.  Our mission is to restore health,  prevent disease with simple solutions.  That’s our plan.  So if you are on a plan with us, good job, stick to it, it works.  If you know someone who is unnecessarily suffering or dealing with a health crisis of any kind, please let them know about us and what we can do to help.  It just might be the missing thing that changes their life for the better.  As for the “quack” comment, in the movie the battle cry for the hockey team was “QUACK, QUACK, QUACK…” each time they said quack, it got louder and louder.  Their battle cry joined them in a common battle and formed a team and made them…well I don’t want to ruin the movie so just watch it.  We are here for you.   We all have a common battle everyday to be as healthy as we possibly can.  We have the plan and the battle cry here at our office to help our patients,  We are a team, you and us together!!!  So whether you are seeing the movie for the first time or if you seen the movie before. remember the point of the movie, the team finally comes together for a common goal.   And to all the others that  think we’re crazy and you’re crazy for seeing a chiropractor,  “QUACK, QUACK, QUACK, QUACK QUACK!!!!”  We all need to be saying the battle cry louder and louder and you all know that I’m loud.


KISS fact  Your plan doesn’t have to be complicate, as matter of fact, the more simple the better you’ll stick to it.  We’re all in this fight together.

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