Still Drinking Orange Juice? Read This


The fruit juice industry generates billions of dollars in annual revenue. Orange juice is the crown jewel, with over half of total sales in America.  For decades, orange juice has enjoyed a health halo, forged not only by smart marketers, but also by our very own government. This despite overwhelming evidence that juice is not the same as fruit. The USDA, which helps promote American agriculture, cannot outright tell consumers to stop drinking fruit juice, because it would hurt American growers.

For years, the USDA has allowed fruit juice to be considered as a fruit serving. The USDA’s 2015 Dietary guidelines continue to promote fruit juice: “Healthy eating patterns include fruits, especially whole fruits. The fruits food group includes whole fruits and 100% fruit juice.”

Accordingly,50% of Americans consume more than half of their fruit intake as juice!

The problems with orange juice compared to real oranges:

1. Orange juice, even when it is 100% freshly squeezed by you, is a concentrated dose of sugar, quickly ingested by the body. It rapidly spikes your blood glucose levels and strains your pancreas.

2. Juice loses one of the most important nutrients that whole fruit provides – fiber. The cellular structure of a whole fruit keeps the sugars “under control”, and as a result there is no spike in blood glucose.

3. Juicing an entire fruit and consuming the juice without filtration may theoretically keep the fiber in your drink. However, the act of juicing tears down the fiber linings in the fruit, rendering them practically useless in protection against blood glucose spikes.

4. While whole pieces of fruit keep your mouth busy and your gut satiated, fruit juice makes you want to drink more. It takes 3 oranges to make a one-cup serving of orange juice. You can drink that cup of orange juice in 25 seconds and then instantly drink another glass. Compare that with the time it takes to eat 3 oranges, even if they have been peeled and sectioned for you. After eating 3 oranges, will you eat 3 more?

In summary: drink water, eat fruit. Save juice for occasional treats.


KISS Fact:  The simple truth is, you don’t need to go looking for more ways of adding sugar into your diet.  In American, sugar is one the top reason for so much disease.  American takes, I think it is 80% of all the pharmaceuticals in the world, but we are either dead last or really close to it in over health.  So medications aren’t the answer.  We all need to wake up and see the root cause on disease.  I truly believe it lies in our eating and life style habits.  Tell your friends and family about these things and chiropractic care, you may just be saving their life.


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