Soup for Weight Loss – 4 Tips

Here’s another great article from Fooducate, soups are great cold weather food!!  Even though it’s been so warm, soups are still a good meal!

Dieters love soup, because it is relatively low in calories, can be quite filling, and tastes great. A “soup and salad” combo is the lunch of choice for many people trying to lose weight.  However, canned soup can also be detrimental to your health. Here are a few suggestions on how to make soup part of your weight loss strategy.

1. The main problem with canned soup is its high sodium content, sometimes close to half the daily recommended allowance, for just one cup! Too much salt contributes to hypertension and heart disease. Try to avoid canned soups by making your own. Not only does it taste better, it’s easy to prepare and has no questionable additives.

2. Avoid cream-based soups. They tend to be high in saturated fats and calories. You can achieve a creamy, hearty flavor by using barley, potatoes, or corn flour instead.

3. If all you are having for lunch is soup and some vegetables on the side, you will soon be hungry again because of missing protein (and fats), the nutrients responsible for satiety. Fortunately, it’s easy to make soups with a protein punch. When preparing your soup, toss in lentils or beans for richer texture and a protein boost. Add small chunks of beef and slow-cook for a few hours. Or, if your soup is ready and you need a quick fix, beat an egg and slowly pour it into the soup, while mixing with a fork.

4. Preparing soup in large batches is a no brainer. Once the soup chills, you can pour it into single serving zip-loc bags or tupperware, and take it with you to the office to microwave for a quick and hot snack.

KISS Fact:  Be creative with your soups, there is no wrong.  If you like it, eat it!  These are a true comfort foods.



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