So What if the Sugar Industry Lied ?

Fooducate You may heard the news over the last few days, about the downright immoral activities of the sugar industry in the 1960’s. Apparently, in 1967, three prominent Harvard researchers were bribed by the precursor of today’s Sugar Association to publish research linking fat, but not sugar to heart disease. The results of these publications have led to 50 years of wrong nutrition advice, according to some of the headlines.

While it’s true that the sugar industry acted immorally at a time when scientists were not required to disclose conflicts of interest, but do you think that the groups representing fatty foods, such as beef or dairy behaved otherwise? Furthermore, do you think the food industry isn’t trying to shape health and nutrition advice in this day and age?

While it’s depressing to think that the advice we have been given by doctors and dietitians has been wrong all these years, the real issue has been the dissection of food into individual nutrients of interest. Instead of telling people to eat real, unprocessed, home cooked meals, the advice people have been getting is to focus on increasing nutrient A, reducing nutrient B, and totally elimination nutrient C.

The best advice we could give anyone who wants to eat healthily and lose weight, is to focus on the food, not the nutrients. Eat unprocessed foods, and try to avoid restaurants and fast food joints as much as possible. Spend the time in the kitchen now, to avoid spending it in the hospital later.

Let us hear from you about this, your opinion matters to us!

Source: Kearns, et al – Sugar Industry and Coronary Heart Disease Research A Historical Analysis of Internal Industry Documents – Journal of the American Medical Association, 2016


KISS Fact:  There are a few things you need to ask yourself about these kind of articles; 1) Who paid off these researchers and why? 2) Who else being “paid off” to lie? 3)Who is benefiting form the lie?  Just think about this for a minute.  Not to get all political with everyone, but there has been so many things the government has said is either ok to eat, drink or rub on your body that later have been recalled do to “new research” proves it really is bad now.  I don’t know about you, but I’m sick and tired of being a “guinea pig” for the powers that be! 724-327-5665

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