Should You Feel Guilty About Eating Candy?


Aug 2016

Many people on a diet suffer from guilty feelings when they eat something that they consider “bad”. They transfer often the negative sentiment from the food to themselves – “I ate something bad, therefore I am bad”. This negativity is counterproductive and can lead to a downward emotional spiral that ends a person’s weight loss attempts or, even worse, leads to eating disorders. Having sweet, calorie-rich snacks inserted strategically into your weekly meal-plan (Saturday night, and after a long hard day of classes) is a way to make a diet more controllable. There are, of course, endless temptations, and you are bound to slip up every once in a while. Don’t take it too harshly. Your food choices don’t define you as a human being. Eating more than you planned does not make you a bad person. You should never feel guilty because of something you have eaten. Expect these road bumps along your journey and don’t be surprised or mad at yourself when they come. However, should the road bumps become more frequent than the road itself, you should reflect and try to understand why. Perhaps your diet plan is too ambitious and you are trying to lose to much weight too fast. Maybe your lifestyle doesn’t allow enough time for meal prep. Maybe you are cranky due to lack of sleep or other pressures, making you more vulnerable to food temptations than you expected. Analyzing the reasons for a diet slip up is not the same as beating yourself up about it. The former is about actionable insights to help you improve, the latter is just an emotional volcano.

KISS Fact:  Remember that 90%/10% rule.  After all it is Halloween, a small piece of candy won’t kill you but, you have to stop at one small piece!!


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