As the holiday foods, treats, and stress arrive, we are prone to get off track, get sick and gain weight. Don’t let it happen this year.

So here are some tricks for success:

  1. Start the day healthy.  Eating a healthy protein and fat is best. Don’t start with grains, cereals, bread, or bagels.  2 organic whole eggs, a vegetable, or avocado is a great start.

  2. Do the same for lunch.  Big salad, protein (chicken, tuna, salmon, steak) with olive oil and vinegar.  Side of vegetables.  But NO potato, grain, rice, bread, or even fruit.

  3. Dinner can add some fruit or other whole grain or potato. Preferably a sweet potato or yam.

  4. Fat is VERY important.  Healthy fat.  Olive oil, 2 tsp of coconut oil in morning, hemp oil, and butter added to vegetables and salads is very important.  Keeps the energy high and the cravings down.

  5. Lots of WATER.  This will help flush and cleanse the toxins.  1/2 your body weight in ounces per day.  150 Lb person = 75 oz. water/day.

  6. When you do indulge (I think it’s called indulge because it puts on the bulge!) – cut the treat in half.  Eat slowly, and drink water with or immediately after.  Sugar is a killer.  It will inflame your joints and belly, will cause cortisol to spike, and decrease your energy.  Excess sugar gets stored as belly and booty fat.  Be careful.

  7. We will have a Purification/Detox kit on sale in December.  This is a great way to start the year.  A Powerful and easy to do 21 Day Detox. Will purify all the toxins from the holidays.  BUT….Don’t let the holidays put you deep in a hole.

  8. Another VERY Important step is to take your supplements through this stressful time:

  9. Vit D-3.  Keeps immune system strong to defend from Colds and flus.

  10. Probiotic.  Immune system strong and good bacteria for weight loss, detox, and Healthy GI system.

  11. Chlorella.  Cleanses and purifies the cell from toxins and waste. Great mineral for high nutrition.

  12. Fish Oil.  Healthy Omega 3 Fat.  Very important for brain function, fight inflammation, and burn fat.

Thanksgiving and Christmas can be enjoyable and even to have some of those tasty treats you only get this time of year.  But, limit them.  It’s never fun to feel sick, run down, low energy, joints hurting, and gain weight! God bless and be Thankful!  Dr. T

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