Organic Gatorade. Yes, Really


Sep 2016

Gatorade has been selling salty sugar water for over 40 years, and has spent billions to convince average Joes and Janes that their 45 minutes in the air-conditioned fitness center warrant a sports drink. The PepsiCo owned brand dominates the market with a 70 percent share of sports-drinks sales. In recent years, amateur athletes and health enthusiasts have shown that they are willing to pay more for products that are labeled organic. That’s why it’s no surprise to learn that Gatorade has begun selling organic salty sugar water. A 16.9 fl. oz. bottle costs $1.50, about 50 cents more than the non-organic Thirst Quencher equivalent. It has 7 (SEVEN!!!) teaspoons of sugar. Yes, it’s organic, but still, such an amount is simply unhealthy. On the bright side , Gatorade has dispensed with artificial colors, and is now using natural ingredients to make their salty sugar water look more appealing than, well, salty sugar. Unless you are an endurance athlete or spend hours working out, you don’t need a sports drink or an electrolyte replacement formula. Drink water and have a banana, it’s cheaper and healthier.

KISS Fact:  Just drink water!  It does not matter before, after or during activity.  If you are thirsty water is the best bang for your buck.  Save the sugar for a piece of fruit.  You’ll get more health benefits from an apple the a sugary drink.


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