No cola at my house…even if it’s on sale


10 Reasons to Stop Drinking Cola

America is a nation of junkies addicted to … sugary soft drinks. Decades of clever advertising and cheap, limitless access have made us slaves to sugary colas. We are addicted and find it hard to stop. In order to motivate you, here are ten things to keep in mind.

  1. When you stop drinking cola, you’ll lose weight. Regular consumption of soft drinks make you fat. Drinking just one 12 oz. Pepsi a day for a year will add 18 poundsto your body weight, compared to drinking water instead.

  2. You’ll lose weight when quitting diet cola too! When you consume calorie-free sweets, your body gets confused. It releases insulin to absorb the expected sugars in the blood stream, but those sugars never arrive. The result is increased fat cell production.

  3. Artificial sweeteners are dangerous.True, the FDA has approved them all, but more than a few studies have suggested that some artificial sweeteners may cause cancer. See 8 Zero-Calorie Sweeteners and Their Risks. Until the scientists sort this out, why take the risk?

  4. Diabetes. Studies have shown a link between soft drink consumption and type 2 diabetes. The high amount of sugarin soft drinks has been shown to increase your chance of getting diabetes. Diet drinks may increase the chances even more than regular drinks.

  5. Save your teeth. The only thing worse than gulping down your cola is to sip it slowly. This coats your teeth with sugar, phosphoric acid, malic acid and/or citric acid. These compounds permanently damage tooth enamel. Ask your dentist.

  6. Save money. A family of 4 can save $500 (FIVE HUNDRED DOLLARS) a year by switching from cola and soft drinks to (filtered) tap water.

  7. Tinker with your taste buds. Soft drinks diminish the taste of food. Of course, if you define food as a trip to Wendy’s, there’s not much to detract from, but eat a decently prepared meal at home or at a good sit down restaurant, and you will not want to spoil the taste with sugary water. Better have the sommelier pair a good wine with your steak.

  8. Refined sugars. A single can of cola has 9 teaspoons of sugar. Drinking just one Dr. Pepper a day for a year, you’ll have consumed 32 pounds of sugar! Picture that. Take a 32 pound sack of sugar and strap it to your waist to walk around with for a day…

  9. Controversial colors. Yellow #5 (Tartrazine), present in Mountain Dew, for example, has been linked to hyperactivity in children. The caramel coloring in some colas has also been under scrutiny as a potential carcinogen.

  10. The ecology. Billions of empty plastic bottles and cans are contaminating the earth. Recycling is a joke, barely touching the tip of the iceberg, even if Coca Cola is trying to convince you otherwise.

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