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I cant believe how fast September has come and gone. As the month progressed not only have my husband and I spent time getting ready to meet our son, but we have also been making time to spend with each other before all the  crazy begins! Recently, for my husbands birthday, we went to a place called Smallman Galley. I was in love with not only the food, but the concept of what they do. Basically this place is a launch pad for the best new restaurants in Pittsburgh. They sign an 18 month contract with four different chefs and provide them with a space to serve food. These chefs use their own menus, hire their own staff, and serve their own food at a low risk and low cost to them. How cool is that? Not only was the food amazing, but it was top quality ingredients used. I had a handmade pasta with shrimp, kale, and green beans. What I loved about all these restaurants was the variety of fresh ingredients on the menu and how creative the dishes were. I think it is so easy to get into the habit of ordering or making the same thing over and over again, but in order to really get all the nutrients that our bodies need we have to have a good variety of food. When I am out at a restaurant I love to order something different every time, no matter how many times I have been to the same place. What was so intriguing to me about Smallman Galley, is that it has four completely different kitchens in one vicinity. Many of us have foods that we don’t like or don’t think we will enjoy, but I really want to encourage all of you, whether you are on one of our In8Life programs or not, to experience the good quality food out there. When I cook it is all about trial and error. Most of the time there is not much error, but when there is you learn from it. When you are open to trying foods like kale, avocado, and beet greens you will find that there so many different ways to use these ingredients that can allow to enjoy it. I am not saying that you will love everything that you try, however, you might be surprised at how simple it really can be.


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