I can’t imagine where my life would be without Chiropractic care and the Principles of Healing. I was a sick kid. Wet my bed until age 9, chronic digestive problems including spastic diarrhea when under stress, allergies, sinus congestion, tonsils cut out at age 4, and back pain at age 17. WOW!

It all changed when I went to my first chiropractor for Pain. At age 17, I got adjusted, but what happened after that was tragic….

You see, I was out of pain. Felt great. But had NO CLUE what the heck the chiropractor did. My Dad took me to him and was dying of heart disease at the time. Only to die 2 1/2 years later. We never heard the Principles of Healing and Chiropractic.

I was out of pain for 5 years. But still had all my sickness. Thank God I wasn’t peeing the bed!!

But, it wasn’t until my back “went out” again and I saw another chiropractor who then told me what my nerve system did and the PURPOSE of an adjustment and chiropractic. To align the spine, correcting subluxations, to enhance nerve flow and thus…..HEALING!

As I began that journey, correcting my alignment and then off to Chiropractic College, my life was soon to be greatly changed.

Healed up for good!

Since then, No chronic sickness or pain! Amazing healing power and recovery when injured…As you know my Fracture Scapula Story.

My family, thousands of patients through my first 21 years as a doctor, and lives all over the world have been changed, enhanced, and realigned to a higher level of healing.

We NEED to pass this on to others. The story, The Principles of Healing, The Purpose of Chiropractic.


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