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I know that between work, family, friends, and other events, prepping food can seem to be either the last thing on our minds or look like an impossible task. However, it really can be quite simple. Basically what I do when I get home from grocery shopping, as I am putting everything away, I also clean and prep my produce. So for instance, this past week I got strawberries, blueberries, and raspberries. I clean and cut them all and mix them into one big bowl. This really helped me out today because as I was getting ready to leave for work I wanted to throw something together, so I made myself a salad by throwing some mixed greens, cheese, tomato, and a few of those berries all in one bowl. It was ready to go in a matter of a couple minutes. You could even add in some leftover chicken or steak from last night’s dinner!

Always remember to Keep It Simple! Prepping your food is a lot easier if you put a little more work in when you unload your groceries. My produce is always ready to eat and having chicken, steak, or hard boiled eggs pre-cooked to add in can make it more filling and add to your daily nutrients.

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