How to Recover from a Car Accident with Chiropractic Treatment


Nearly 2 million Americans suffer from whiplash each year.  Often caused by rear-end car accidents, whiplash happens when a sudden, jolting movement of the head is sustained backward, forward or to the side. 

Whiplash injuries from car accidents are a serious matter and chiropractors are trained to evaluate and treat these types of injuries. Many people experience car accidents every year, but not everybody understands the severity of the underlying damage. The impact of the auto accident causes an acceleration and force into your body, which not only damages muscles, tendons, and ligaments, but also shifts your spine out of alignment.

Injuries left untreated

Although your pain may eventually go away, if you let your spine go uncorrected, it will heal in a damaged state, allowing tension to set in and health problems to surface.

When your spine is out of alignment, your nerves become pinched, which creates problems throughout the rest of your body. Many experience headaches, migraines, numbness in the arm and hand, weakness in grip, and neck, shoulder, and arm pain.

But pain only occurs 10% of the time when a nerve is pinched. The other 90% of the function goes directly to your organs. This can result in sinus trouble, allergies, thyroid problems, asthma related issues, acid reflux, GI problems, constipation, IBS, hormonal problems, poor sleep, and low energy.

How does chiropractic help?

It is crucial to have the right testing done after an auto accident to see if your spine is out of alignment and how to resolve this auto injury. The sooner you receive and evaluation and treatment plan, the sooner you can recover and prevent future disease or pain.

At In8Life Chiropractic we take precise digital and motion X-rays to see where the problem is and how we can correct it. Dr. Tressler will show and explain exactly where and what your problem is and put together a custom plan for crrection.

Our chiropractic care is very gentle and precise to correct the misalignment, also known as subluxation, and allow you to live a healthy and limitless life! As traditional medicine and healthcare focuses on the symptoms, chiropractic focuses on finding the cause to your pain and correcting it through chiropractic and rehab exercises.

Motor Vehicle Accidents (MVA) can cause serious damage leading to pain and health problems. It is CRITICAL to be examined thoroughly for injury as soon as possible to avoid permanent damage or pain. The good news is that chiropractic care for a car accident at In8Life in Murrysville, PA may be completely covered through insurance without any out of pocket expense!

If you have been in a car accident, don't wait until symptoms arise. It's extremely important to receive a chiropractic evaluation and care plan as soon as possible after motore vehicle accidents.

We offer a FREE EVALUATION before any expense occurs.

Learn more about our chiropractic services for auto accidents here.

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