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I’ve been asked about what I eat and make for my family meals.  Here’s a quick and easy dinner and everyone loves at my house, even my son’s girlfriend.  There is so much flavor in this skillet.  Ingredients are yellow, orange and red peppers, Vidalia onions (I prefer sweet onions, but it’s your choice), and chicken sausage.  I buy whatever variety is healthy, healthy means you can pronounce all the ingredients on the label, and when I find a good brand I stick with it.  Watch for sales too, if my favorite brand goes on sale, I purchase 3-4 times more than I need and freeze it for later meals.   Slice and/or chop your veggies in bigger pieces  and cook until tender.  At my house our grill is out all year so I’ll grill the chicken sausage and just slice and add into the veggies.  Grilling your food adds so much more flavor to it and your can grill veggies too!.  There is no set amounts, if you like more chicken sausage add more, if you like more veggie add more.  As you can tell I’m not known to follow a recipe or write down one.  I cook for taste and not to impress anyone with my meals.  When I’m cooking I cook for an army, leftovers are yummy!!!! Since my daughter lives in NY and my son is either working or golfing, I have not mastered only cooking for my husband and myself yet.  I’m used to my kids always having friends over and feeding them.  That’s ok because food freezes and can always be taken for lunch.  Try it and let me know what you thing.

KISS fact: Invest in a high quality skillet and use it all the time, this one pictured is a Rachel Ray oval skillet and was a Christmas present from my mom 3 years ago and I use it all the time and it looks the same as the first day I used it. 

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