Great News for Coffee Lovers

Scientists from Stanford University have found a potential explanation for the higher life expectancy of coffee drinkers vs. abstainers. In a 10-year study conducted on humans, a connection between systemic inflammation and heart disease was established.

Certain by-products of cell metabolism that are released into the bloodstream trigger inflammation. It is posited that metabolites from caffeine, also swimming around in the bloodstream, somehow counter these compounds.  Whatever the exact mechanism, this is great news for coffee drinkers.

As with all good things, too much caffeine can also bring problems, most commonly restlessness and poor sleep quality. The nutrition community posits that 1-3 cups of coffee a day are the optimal level.

KISS Fact: The most important fact to remember about any caffeine is that it is a diuretic. This means that caffeine dehydrates you.  Being coming dehydrate can cause many health problems and also can hamper you weight loss success.  If you do drink coffee, a good rule of thumb is for every ounce of coffee you drink, drink that much in extra pure water.  Another key point is what you put into your coffee.  If you use cream, milk, sugar, flavored creams, etc. that cup of coffee can be way to high in calories.  Just be careful and as always read you labels.  NEVER  use a pink, blue or yellow packet of fake sugar because they are very harmful to you.  See other BLOGs about that.  Hope this helps!!



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