Food Waste – You’re Throwing Away Hundreds of Dollars


This is a great one for all those Thanksgiving leftovers!

Did you know that Americans waste 160 billion dollars worth of food every year? That works out to throwing away $500 per person! In a recent survey, 80 percent of Americans said they felt bad about this, but half of them said that it would be very hard for them to reduce the waste in their household. One of the reasons we throw out food is the expiration date on the package. People treat it as holy scripture, without realizing that food companies have a vested interest in early expiration in order to get us to buy their products more often. Another reason people throw out food is that it is past its peak. Little do they realize, that with a bit of manipulation, the food can become part of a delicious and healthy dish.

  1. Dairy – take the smell test, but always err on the safe side

  2. Dry bread – toast, bread crumbs, stuffing

  3. Overripe fruit – shakes, pies

  4. Overripe vegetables – smoothies

  5. Wilted greens – soak in ice water for 30 minutes to revive them

What do you do to reduce food waste in your home?  What are some ways you use leftovers?


KISS Fact:  I love finding new ways of using leftovers.  Flat breads are a great way to utilize leftovers.  You can put anything on a flatbread and either put it on the grill or throw it into the oven and you have a totally new meal.  Leftover chicken, veggies or even mac-n-cheese tastes great on a flatbread.  Just use some salad dressing as a sauce and work up from there.   Be creative and think outside the box.  Try it, you will love it and you’ll feel good about not wasting food.  You really can make something bad because you already eat it once and liked it.