Don’t Use the Holidays Season as a Reason to “Fall of the Wagon”

Good Morning Everyone!

Welcome to Cyber Monday.  Remember to keep your head up while you are on the computer buying all those presents.

I hear all the time from my patients statements like “it’s the holidays and I know I’m going to gain weight” or “I’m just expecting to gain weight over the holidays”.  There is many things wrong with this type of thinking.

The biggest one that makes me crazy when people talk about the “holiday season”.  Call it what it is.  It’s Thanksgiving and Christmas, not just the holiday season.  So tell people Merry Christmas!!!  Ok back to the Blog post.

Please don’t get wrapped up in an entire 4 to 5 weeks of bad eating habits.  There is a reason it’s called Thanksgiving DAY and Christmas DAY.  It’s because they are only DAYS not a MONTH long celebration.  I totally understand that you are going to eat some “cheat” food during these DAYS, but that doesn’t mean you should eat badly everyday in-between Thanksgiving and Christmas.  You work so hard the rest of the year eating well, don’t blow it for this month or so.  That type of eating only sets you up for more bad eating and then it just snowballs from there.  So eat that DAY but go right back to eating well.  Think of it this way, if you eat 6 3/4 good meals out of the week and 1/3 not so good, I think you’ll be ok. Good Luck and Stay Focused!


KISS Fact: Try to make healthier substitutions for any foods you can.  Also try to eat 1/2 of serving size of the foods that aren’t the best for you.  Just doing these simple things will help keep you calories down.

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