First:  Belief!  Do you want to be well?  Do you really believe you can be well? This is a key factor in success.  Why?  Because if you truly believe you can and will be well – you will PERSEVERE!  Why did Jesus ask those about to heal, “do you want to be well?” Second:  Action Action gives you results.  But if you really don’t believe – you WON’T do the work.

After my accident and the surgeon told me it would be 6 weeks in the sling and I can begin to hang my arm down to slowly regain some movement and range of motion. After 6 weeks, I could do rehab and it would be a slow process.  I read about these injuries on line and it all said how long of a recovery it would be. Months before lifting weights, running or even doing 1 push-up.  Now, this could be very discouraging…..BUT what do I believe?? Just because others believe this and the surgeon and doctors believe this – is this TRUTH?  Only if I believe it. I believed right from the start that I would heal at incredible speed.  2-3 times faster than usual.  I believed that God will take care of me if I take care of myself.  God is my healer – but he doesn’t do my exercises for me! Immediately I began to move my arm – incredible pain but the pain was there anyway.  When in the sling I had pain, when sleeping I had pain, so why not exercise it.  All I heard was “You better be careful” – now I know this was in good intention but I must push and train hard to heal fast and regain my strength so I would not end up with a permanent weakness or pain. So it has been over 11 weeks and I did 4 push-ups, I can lift weights, I am back to running full out!  I am back to running over 20 miles a week already.

Here is my BREAKTHROUGH: Every day I did my exercises, spinal exercises, got my adjustments at least 4 times a week, and did some type of aerobic exercise 3-4 days a week.  Every day I was in severe pain for the first 6 weeks.  Pain meds daily. After 6 weeks the pain diminished from a 8-10 level to a 6-8 level.  Didn’t need meds daily. Everything hurt it. Adjusting, exercise, lifting my grandson, shampooing my hair!  But I knew – I believed – that if I kept at it, my healing would come. So, I go to a Chiropractic seminar in Alberta Canada and for the first time – I slept through the night!!  It was a big challenge going – everything seemed to go wrong before the trip.  Wanted to cancel but couldn’t.  (Blessings are many times right behind the curtain – but you must push through). The next day I woke up again refreshed.  Slept through the night again.  It wasn’t the bed – we were at a bible camp and the beds were a bunk bed of wood and a 3″ foam plastic mattress! So here it is….we are going out for a mountain run and God spoke to me.  “Now is the time to train hard again.  I am giving you your strength back”  Now this was not the audible voice from the sky, but I knew!  So, I told Gabrielle, I am going for it.  I am going to kill this workout.  What did she say??  Be careful! Now this mountain run is going up a mountain side (very steep) and back down the other side and repeat! Don’t know how many times we are running. So each hill got easier and each hill I got stronger!  I continued to pass people who could only walk and were struggling. As coming down the hill I looked over at the steep mountain and again God’s voice “This is where your breakthrough is – in the mountain.  When you push hard through the pain and up the hill you will get a breakthrough.  When you go down the hill – relax and enjoy the rest.”  And I did get my breakthrough.

Your breakthrough is your perseverance!  You may be struggling in pain, sickness, obesity, or any other health challenge – Persevere.  There is a blessing waiting.  Make your visits, do your home rehab, exercise through the pain, stop eating garbage, get up earlier, and BELIEVE!

God can heal you – but he won’t do your work for you. I hope this inspires you and puts a fire under your butt.  Blessing come to those who Believe and Do the Action! God bless, Dr T

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