Do you prefer breasts or thighs?

Hey everyone!

I’m sure you all have notice all of the tasty recipes that Emily(front desk Emily) has been posting.  I have not tried all of them myself but she’s a great cook and I’m sure they’re all to die for.  This blog is about eating raw chicken, breasts or thighs, and why we don’t eat it.

I think it is safe to say that we all know that eating raw chicken is not recommended and we all can agree the reason is because raw chicken could have bacteria and germs.  If we ate those bacteria and germs it could make us very sick.  We could get salmonella by eating uncooked chicken.   It would not surprise us that  we got diarrhea and/or vomited consuming the raw chicken. As a mom, I would never, ever feed my family raw chicken on a plate.

So to make the chicken safe for us to eat what do we do to it? Duh, we cook it. We don’t just add a little bit of heat, we cook it at a high temperature to make sure all the bacteria is killed, right?  By adding heat to the chicken it kills any of the bacteria and germs, making it safe for us to eat.  It’s a no brainer; adding heat to the raw chicken kills the bad stuff, making it safe.  We all agree on this concept.

Now let’s put that same concept into a fever.  Why does your child, or even you, get a fever?  Think about it, it’s because there is a bacteria and/or germ inside you.  When your body needs to kill the bad stuff, it adds heat and kills the harmful things in it.  This is the same thing you do when you cook the chicken.  The higher the temperature the better to kill the bacteria quickly.  Now what do most people do when presented with a fever?  They run to medicine right away.  Tylenol is given to reduce the temperature so that you “feel” better.  I don’t believe you have the fever from a lack of Tylenol in your system. The logic behind this is totally incorrect.  If you reduce the heat, the bacteria gets stronger.  You want the temperature to stay high to make sure the bacteria is dead so that you don’t get more sick.  I hope this makes sense to everyone.

I hope that the next time you’re presented with a fever, either you or your kid, you remember this post and let it run its course.  You’ll be better off long term and get better quicker.  Not only do you get rid of the bad stuff you are currently fighting but you body is getting strong by fighting though it on its own.  Every time you overcome a sickness on your own, your immune systems gets stronger.  Your body will remembers how to fight bacteria and germs then next time you come in contact with them over and over again.  Getting sick is just your body’s response to healing itself and getting rid of the bad stuff.  You don’t want to keep the yucky stuff inside you body, you’ll just keeping getting sick all the time.

Be careful with antibiotics, too!  Not only do the kill  bad bacteria, they kill the good bacteria too.  Some times it’s now even a bacteria that you’re fighting, it’s a virus, which antibiotic actually do nothing for.  You need good bacteria to be overall healthy, but this is for another post.

Remember this post the next time you or your kid gets a fever.


Kiss Fact: There are many natural supplements you can take to help fight fevers naturally.   Silver Biotic is one the best things you can take to fight bacterial and viral infection and it booster your immune system. Echinacea, vitamin C, vitamin D are a few more that will help also.

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